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Sharing the Stories (StS)

The Sharing the Stories (StS) platform provides youth-serving organizations with the capacity and consistent tools to tell the story of their youth programs, events, activities and initiatives through rigorous evaluation. Our platform supports youth and organizations to track outcomes that occur as a result of your program.

Our platform is grounded in our Four Pillars:

  1. Respect for young people's voice and their capacity to influence themselves, their peers, their organizations and the communities they live in.
  2. Listening deeply to what young people have to say so that we can ensure that our programs and initiatives are rooted in their best interests.
  3. Understanding what young people have to say by aggregating and disaggregating data generated by participating organizations to demonstrate youth trends and to identify opportunities for long-term change.
  4. Communicating what young people have to say across the country so that youth, organizations, policy-makers, funders and businesses remain connected and relevant to youth issues.

Our platform includes reliable and valid evaluation tools. Our methodology is grounded in the principles of Participatory Action Research (PAR). Subscribing organizations review our tools and select the ones that are the most appropriate for their programs and activities. We work with subscribers to make meaning of the data so that it can positively influence the program. Below is a visual of our STS Cycle:

Our Sharing the Stories Cycle: Working with youth and organizations to amplify their story. An illustration made up of a central circle listing some methods Sharing the Stories uses to gather information and evaluate youth programs. These methods include surveys, focus groups, interviews, video, arts-based activities and data parties. In the centre of this circle of activities is a triangle that describes how we think about the information we gather. The triangle is made up of three parts: Evaluation Plans, Data Analysis, and Meaning Making. Surrounding both the activities circle and data analysis triangle is a six-step cycle comprised of: 1) Member Engagement, 2) Data Collection, 3) Data Entry, 4) Data Analysis, 5) Project Report and 6) Knowledge Exchange. So, the diagram connects how Sharing the Stories activities and our approach to data analysis are closely integrated. In collaboration with youth and organizations we pose questions like : a) How can we give youth a platform to share voice? b) How can we tell the story of your program impact? and c) How can we build a collective story of the youth sector? At the same time we seek to meet key goals: Amplifying Youth Voice, Sharing Program Impact, and Building a Collective Story. VISION + KNOWLEDGE • How can we give youth a platform to share their voice? • How can we tell the story of your program impact? • How can we build a collective story of the youth sector? Amplifying Youth VoiceSharing Program ImpactBuilding A Collective Story Working with youth and organizations to amplify their story Data Analysis Project Report Meaning Making Data Analysis Evaluation Plans Data Entry Data Collection Knowledge Exchange Youth & Partner Engagement


Workshops, Conferences, Knowledge Exchanges and more

Our team can work with you and your organization to plan, develop, execute and evaluate your entire event. One of our strengths in youth-focused event planning and management is being able to quickly, efficiently, and effectively bring together everything needed to ensure the success of your program.


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Enrollment Opportunities

The Students Commission supports youth to implement programs in their communities. We will be opening up opportunities for Youth to enroll for these opportunities later in January. Keep an eye out for future opportunities please.

To find out more and become an organizational subscriber email info@studentscommission.ca or call 1 (416) 597-8297

If you as a youth or adult ally want to join our on-going research study independently, head to the register page. If you have already registered head to the log-in page.