Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement

Introduction to Youth Program Surveys and Tools

The Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement, led by the Students Commission, has brought academics, youth and organizations together since 2000, advancing research into programs, practices and policies that foster youth participation and development. The tools gathered here by permission from their creators are available for download and public use. If you wish to use these to collect data on your programs, we'd appreciate hearing about it. If you'd like to go further, share and compare your data with others, in an anonymized, confidential manner, please contact us. Either way, we'd like to know: info@studentscommission.ca or (416) 597-8297 and ask to speak to someone about the Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement and Sharing the Stories.

The tools available here are designed to measure young people's engagement in activities, events and programs. They cover various aspects of young people's engagement including young people's experiences; youth-adult interaction; youth decision-making; positive youth development outcomes; features of positive settings and more. The gathered tools are flexible, and can be used together over time to provide a broad picture of youth engagement in your programs, your organization, and across organizations.